Welcome to the Temple

This blog is a work in progress, as is the Temple.

For photos & updates, see the Progress Posts (in the right column).

The Temple of the Cosmos is a tent-like, room-sized fabric portable environment.  Using diaphanous textiles, it imaginatively depicts our cosmic and Earthly history on its ceiling and walls.  The structure may be set up indoors or out, during the day or night. At night, the Temple is illuminated by solar LED lights.

People have asked to use the Temple for weddings and receptions, rituals, and teaching. When it is complete I’ll be happy to share it in many venues, indoors and out.

8 Responses to Welcome to the Temple

  1. bjumper says:

    This and your ceilings look beautiful and would fit well at Burning Man, especially as there are weddings and sacred events there.


  2. Joy Borum says:

    Saw an image from your wonder-full Temple in a lesson from the Monk Manifesto. Your image captivated me. Thank you for your Beauty.

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